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Ever since my childhood, to fall asleep at night, I would create movies in my mind involving romance. Finding true love, or the one, has been a constant interest of mine since I can remember. When my mom would take me to the library, I chose vampire books, romantic mystery novels, and Archie Comics. The element of the push and pull of emotions drew me to these stories.
My novel writing journey began in 2009. I had a revelation after reading one of my favorite vampire series. In reader denial that the series was over, I began exploring more work from the author and read her bio. For as far back as I can remember, I have had vivid dreams. The author revealed her book idea came to her in a dream, and that’s when I asked myself, “Why am I not writing, too?”
With the family, career, and general life balancing act we all play a role in, I kept writing on the side (in secret) when I had time. I’d joined writing groups throughout the years and took classes here and there. I finally committed to the goal of publishing in 2019.

I write mostly paranormal romantic fiction. Some of my more recent work is dark romance. I write and read about what intrigues me. Life and death. Eternal love and desire. Duality. Spirituality. Cross-cultural connections. My books are for anyone who enjoys getting lost in stories where characters feel relatable and powerful. They are for people who long for a new love connection, are curious about the meaning of life, or are eager to discover how each character’s path has a twisted link to the end goal.
I’m excited that you’re on this writing and reading journey with me. Keep in touch by subscribing to my Author Updates Community.
J. H. Laing

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