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Tethered Souls Series


If given a choice, would you keep your soul?

Relationships shouldn’t be so complicated. That’s why Amber avoided them. Her carefree LA lifestyle, working as a makeup artist, attending VIP parties, and juggling casual relationships, kept her satisfied. Until she met Gabe, her soul mate, with his unmatched devotion and fiery touch that ignited her in ways she never thought possible.

Gabe had a plan: turn Amber and unite their souls. Simple. But Amber’s unexpected and excessive need for control sabotages the plan entirely. Now bound to her ex, Marco, Amber is slowly consumed by bloodlust, while Gabe’s overprotective nature pushes her further away from him, and closer to the brink of losing her humanity — her soul.

Engulfed in underground blood dealings, coerced to help the man who killed her in her past lives, and tricked into taking a cure for the poisonous vampire bite, Amber spirals.

And time is running out.

If Amber doesn’t call her soul back soon, she risks losing Gabe and her freedom altogether. J.H. Laing’s Unraveled, Tethered Souls Series, is a thrilling, action-packed story of resisting love and one’s purpose in exchange for total control.

Do not let the world you create in your mind block you from taking chances, making choices, or moving on. 

                                                                                                                                                                        -----J. H. Laing

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